My Smart School. School of Blasco Ibáñez, Alginet

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Parameters of the more comfortable route

  • Number of trees: 1625

  • Number of cebra crossings: 234

  • Average width of footpaths: 1.76 m

  • Footpath length with a mean width below 1 m: 13860

  • Footpath length with a mean width over 1.5 m: 29542

  • Total footpath length: 65142 m





Icons Freepik from www.flaticon.comwith license CC 3.0 BY


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My Smart School

MY SMART SCHOOL is a project funded by European Union. In this project participates Center of infantile and primary education Vicente Blasco Ibáñez of Alginet, Spain.

Smart schools are those than are involved and connected with its environment in an active form, establishing a continuous dialog along the teaching-learning process, in which the students became in the center and motor of the future society of knowledge.

MY SMART SCHOOL pilot project than will allow to teachers, students and local authorities to join with the goal of to work together to implement a project of sustainable school and society.

Welcome to your Smart School!